Attract Qualified Leads And Paying Customers  with High-Quality Content Strategy and Long-form Blog Posts

Imagine having content that simplifies the technical details of your product and tell your customers everything they need to hear in a relatable voice. 

Imagine having the freedom to focus on creating a software/B2B product that makes work more productive and profitable without having to worry about content marketing. 

Imagine your company enjoying brand awareness, qualified pipeline, and revenue that grows in leaps and bounds. 

Now you do!

With any of the following content marketing services, those imaginations can finally become a reality:

Long-form Blog Posts

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Tell me about your brand, and I will:

  • Conduct competitor and keyword research,

  • Leverage review mining to collect real pain points and customer language,

  • Create an outline based on research findings,

  • Create clear and effective H1, H2s, H3s + body copy demonstrating authentic thought leadership, attracting attention from your ideal customers and building your authority,

  • Go up to two rounds of revisions to make sure the results satisfy you.

Price starts at $500/post:

  • Price above based on 2000 words

  • Custom quote given after target word count received

  • Keyword research + SEO optimization

  • An outline pre-draft for you to approve

  • Unique, expert quotes included

  • All research (including statistics and research reports)

  • Two revisions included

  • You attract an extra 20% charge if it's ghostwriting



Tell me about your lead magnet topic, goals, and audience, and I will:

  • Conduct required information-gathering, stakeholder & customer interviews 

  • Write well-structured, concise 500-5,000 words that deep dive into a specific topic,

  • Guarantee up to two rounds of revisions 

Price starts at $2000

  • Price above based on 4,000 words

  • Custom quote given after target word count received

  • An outline pre-draft

  • Unique, expert quotes included

  • Two revisions included








Content Strategy


Talk to me about your project goals, and I will:

  • Analyze your content performance based on analytics data and discover the gaps,

  • Research your target market and audience, 

  • Evaluate your competition to discover topics and keywords you should be ranking for,

  • Determine which success metrics you'll measure the strategy against,

  • Define a content model and funnel, identify the pages and content types you can reuse, and highlight the gaps, 

  • Identify distribution channels and plan the promotion flow and the lifecycle processes 

  • Prepare content strategy based on my findings, 

  • Build a monthly content calendar.


  • Content Audit and Inventory: $1,000 - $1500 |  Timeline: 1-2 weeks  

  • Customer Research: $500 | Timeline: 2 weeks  

  • Competitor Research: $600 | Timeline: 2-4 weeks  

  • Content Models and Templates: $100 | Timeline: 2 days 

  • Distribution Channels and Promotion Flows: $200 | Timeline: 2 days 

Why Work With Me?

I’m not an all-talk and no proof writer. My writing services have achieved results for both clients and myself. Here are some of them:

Contributed cohesive SEO strategy and managed Wonsulting's content, boosting site traffic by 46% in the first month of implementation


Achieved over 36k search impressions and placed 58 keywords in the top 3 positions of Google SERPs

Researched and co-wrote a long-form guide that increased average page visit by 240.82%

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Created #1 Google search ranking articles for designated keyword phrases

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My results! (4).png
My results! (6).png
My results! (8).png

Developed a marketing strategy that helped PesaApps generate 5000 downloads in less than 3 months


Authored 100+ articles on personal injury law for Thomas Henry Attorneys, exceeding manager's expectations

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Executed a content strategy that resulted in a revenue increase

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Wrote, edited, and published content that positioned Week of Saturdays as a thought leader in the writing community

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