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Hi, I'm Jeremiah Ajayi

A Content Marketing Consultant for B2B SaaS and VCs

I use my storytelling and research skills to help B2B SaaS and VCs to generate demand and revenue through content marketing. 

How I help you leverage content marketing to boost your company's growth


Some of the brands I've worked with


Content Strategy

Create a connection with your audience, determine which channels are best for you, and have a blueprint to create meaningful content with a sound content strategy

Content Writing

Attract your ideal customers, rank high on search engines, and convert attracted audience with engaging content.

Demand Generation

 Fuel your demand generation pipeline with high-quality content assets such as case studies, ebooks and white papers.

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What my clients are saying about me

"The nature of the contract with Thomas J Henry Attorneys required Mr. Ajayi to work under tight daily deadlines to produce legal content for publishing online and in print. He consistently produced high-quality work and proved himself to be quite dependable. Mr. Ajayi was a great asset and an absolute pleasure to work with. I believe his ability to self-motivate and work independently will help him find success in any professional role or personal endeavor he chooses to pursue."

Jarod Cassidy, Marketing Content Coordinator